Legal Services


     The Borson Law Group prepares, prosecutes and maintains United States and International Patent Applications. We also provide strategic advice concerning coordinating domestic and foreign patent preparation, prosecution and maintenance.


     We also prepare, file and maintain US and foreign trademark applications.


     The Borson Law Group can assist you in filing Copyright Registrations.


     We prepare and negotiate IP aspects of a variety of agreements, including Non-Disclosure, Non-Use agreements, patent in-licensing or out-licensing agreements, technology transfer agreements and Assignments. We work with academic and industry organizations to produce enforceable agreements that benefit all parties.

Trade Secrets

     We provide strategic and tactical advice concerning protection of trade secrets and advice concerning IP implications of employee, consulting and research and development agreements.

Representative current and past Clients Technology
Quantum Polymer Technologies Corp. Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials
Quester Technology, Inc. Advanced Materials, Semiconductor Manufacturing and Tools Design
Canon U.S.A. Semiconductor processing and advanced materials
Advanced Technology & Materials, Inc. Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials and Semiconductor Manufacturing
Array Bioscience Corporation Nanotechnology and Analytical Instrumentation
Neuren Pharmaceuticals Limited Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
Biophysica, Inc. Organic Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals
Alpha Golf, Inc. Medical Devices, Systems Engineering
Photomed Technologies Inc. Organic Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals
DNP Pharmaceuticals Biotechnology and Nucleic Acid Therapeutics
Pacific Edge Biotechnology Limited Bioinformatics and Genetic Diagnostics
GNI Ltd. Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
Cellular Technology Limited Biotechnology and Instrumentation
FzioMed, Inc. Biotechnology and Medical Devices
Advanced Microdevices Semiconductor Manufacturing
True Light Technologies, Inc. Audiovisual Software
Fuji Xerox Palo Alto Laboratories Audio and Video Signal Processing Networking
Camelot Creations Copyrights

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